Welcome to Premier


The jewellery passion of Ishakoğlu family which starts at 1986 and continues for 2 generations, was transformed into ‘’ Premier jewellery brand’’ by the vision of expanding to the World

Premir jewellery brand which has completed corporate identity structuring thoroughly operates a design and production process through its experienced staff ,high technology and wide range of products such as halfsets, full sets,bangles,necklaces,earrings and rings in full with aesthetic lines.

Especially with a leading position in the design and production of rings; Premier is setting worldwide jewellery trends in this area and offers daring and creative approach through its collections.

Today; company which operates in production and export areas has a headquarter in İstanbul, 2 management offices in Germany has multiple designs and production facilities in many countries. For all that they attend in 8 fairs in different countries every year, exports nearly 80%of its production to 40 countries and continues to strengthen with smart investments


As Premier, we are doing scrap and metal business with our 40 years of experience. Your satisfaction is paramount for us. We act with this consciousness while buying your scraps. In this context, it is our basic business discipline to pay the full value of your scrap and complete the job with our professional staff. All scrap trading processes are carefully controlled.


It is very easy to make savings and have valuable gifts with the gold varieties. You can make them happy with the gold varieties you will buy for your loved ones in weddings, engagements and special occasions, and at the same time you can save your budget thanks to Premier affordable price policy. Premier, which has advantageous solution suggestions for all kinds of needs and budgets, offers various options to its users with quarter gold varieties such as jewellery gold and ancestor gold.